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Bluetooth Transmitter for TV Optical


BLUETOOTH TRANSMITTER (NOT A BLUETOOTH RECEIVER) – Wireless audio streaming from TVs, PCs, laptops, iPods to Bluetooth Receiver, Bluetoooth Headphones and Speakers with high definiation audio quality. Enjoy wireless audio entertainment up to 30m away! Note: If you want to stream music from your Smartphone, please search for HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Receiver
CORDLESS ENTERTAINMENT – When you watching TV and want to enjoy the wonderful plot quietly or do not to bother your families,just connect the Bluetooth Transmitter to your TV with 3.5mm audio cable / RCA cables, and paired with your Bluetooth receiving devices for absolute private entertainment.
APTX LOW DELAY (NO LIP SYNC) – aptX Low Latency technology eliminate Bluetooth audio delay, so you can watch TV / Movie / Video and listen to high-clarity sound in perfect synchronization. Voice and picture are in sync.


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Transmitter – Analogue, Transmitter – Digital


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