LSTN-Satellite-Zebra-Wood-Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker-with-Built-in-Microphone-0 LSTN-Satellite-Zebra-Wood-Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker-with-Built-in-Microphone-0-0 LSTN-Satellite-Zebra-Wood-Portable-Bluetooth-Speaker-with-Built-in-Microphone-0-1

LSTN Satellite Walnut Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Microphone


LSTN mini bluetooth speakers are just 3 inches tall but boast over 10 hours of battery life so you can expect loud, premium sound all night long. The single driver speaker produces big sound for its size and is rated at 5W.
LSTN portable bluetooth speakers are handcrafted from real wood, and electro-acoustically tuned to produce amazing sound quality at any volume.
LSTN real wood bluetooth speakers feature a built-in microphone for ease of use with answering and ending calls, voice recording, and skipping tracks during playback.



Huge sound, small package. The Cherry wood Satellite is the Bluetooth speaker you need in your life. Compact design makes the LSTN Satellite a perfect travel companion. Audiophiles can expect a full range sound, crisp highs and bal anced bass. Cherry wood is an extremely vibrant looking wood with amazing feel. No two speakers are the same and wood grain might vary from photos.

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Cherry, Walnut, Zebra

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