Harman-Kardon-SoundSticks-Wireless-Bluetooth-Enabled-21-Speaker-System-0 Harman-Kardon-SoundSticks-Wireless-Bluetooth-Enabled-21-Speaker-System-0-0 Harman-Kardon-SoundSticks-Wireless-Bluetooth-Enabled-21-Speaker-System-0-1 Harman-Kardon-SoundSticks-Wireless-Bluetooth-Enabled-21-Speaker-System-0-2 Harman-Kardon-SoundSticks-Wireless-Bluetooth-Enabled-21-Speaker-System-0-3 Harman-Kardon-SoundSticks-Wireless-Bluetooth-Enabled-21-Speaker-System-0-4 Harman-Kardon-SoundSticks-Wireless-Bluetooth-Enabled-21-Speaker-System-0-5

Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless Bluetooth Enabled 2.1 Speaker System


Integrated Bluetooth technology for high performance wireless connectivity
6-Inch (150mm) down-firing subwoofer for deep bass
Eight full-range transducers for crystal clear sound

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Troubleshooting : Symptom : No sound from SoundSticks speaker system. No power to subwoofer. Problem : Power adapter plug not inserted correctly. No volume or low volume. Solution : Ensure power supply is connected to live power source and is properly connected to subwoofer. Please note: When subwoofer is powered, a power LED should light. Place plug with arrow symbol facing UP into the subwoofer. Touch the volume “Up” (+) pad on the volume control satellite to unmute and/or increase the system volume level. Note: Touching the volume “Down” (–) pad lowers the system volume. Touching both (+) and (–) volume control pads at the same time will mute the system. Symptom : No sound from subwoofer, only satellites. No sound from satellites, only subwoofer. High frequencies sound dull. No sound from Bluetooth device. Problem : Subwoofer volume control set at minimum. Satellites not connected to subwoofer. Satellites not positioned properly. Device not paired. Rotate subwoofer volume control clockwise until relative volume level is appropriate. Solution : Check connection of satellites to subwoofer. Position and tilt (angle) loudspeakers toward listener. The sound from the satellites is very directional due to the four element linear array design. Pair device with Soundsticks Wireless. Bluetooth LED illuminates when pairing is successful
Integrated Bluetooth technology for high performance wireless connectivity
6 Inch (150 millimeter) down firing sub woofer for deep bass
Eight full range transducers for crystal clear sound
Elegant touch controls for volume and mute
Awe inspiring industrial design
1/8 Inch (3.5 millimeter) stereo audio connection

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