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Symphonized-NXT-Premium-Genuine-Wood-Bluetooth-Portable-Speaker-Compatible-with-All-Bluetooth-iOS-Devices-All-Android-Devices-and-Mp3-Players-0 Symphonized-NXT-Premium-Genuine-Wood-Bluetooth-Portable-Speaker-Compatible-with-All-Bluetooth-iOS-Devices-All-Android-Devices-and-Mp3-Players-0-0

Symphonized NXT Premium Genuine Wood Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Compatible with All Bluetooth iOS Devices, All Android Devices and Mp3 Players


Symphonized NXT Bluetooth speaker is handcrafted from a solid one-piece wood
The speaker can play music for up to 6 hours!
This Bluetooth speaker is extremely loud with crisp sound and strong deep bass



Symphonized Wood Bluetooth Speaker allows you to create an amazing party anywhere you go. With its exceptional properties, wood provides the best sound reproduction there is. This portable speaker is so tiny that can fit in the pocket but so loud that can wake up the neighbors. Whether it’s a pool party, a house party, a getaway, or a family gathering, Symphonized Wood Bluetooth Speaker will be your best friend!
Natural Wood Housing for Better Bass Response and Acoustic Performance
Symphonized Bluetooth Speakers are perfect for iPhones, iPods and iPads, mp3 players, CD players and more.
Playtime Bluetooth up to 6 hrs
Speaker output power 3.3W
1 YEAR warranty

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Bamboo, Walnut

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